soda fabriek

Soda Factory

By, September 20, 2014

This document is an investigation of the damage mechanisms present in the materials of a particular building. The case study involves an out of use soda factory in Schiedam, the Netherlands, which will be conserved and renovated for a new function. The investigation consisted of two site visits and the use of Monument Damage Diagnostic System (MDDS) to document and analyse the damages seen on site. The on-site investigation included a visual inspection of the materials (including brick, mortar, wood and iron), as well as a limited number of simple site tests, such as whether the wall was level, the moisture content of the (degraded) wood, and the salt content of the mortar (nitrates, chlorides and sulphates). Next to the inspection of the apparent damages, a literature review was done in order to determine possible causes of the damage patterns. Finally, recommendations are given to prevent further damage and, if necessary and possible, to restore function to the material.

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