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The secret of Ommoord

By kiorasis@gmail.com, September 21, 2014

In 2011 the Dutch government listed the Rotterdam neighborhood of Ommoord as a focus area of national importance for reconstruction era architecture. The appointment is motivated in the vision “Choosing Character, Vision, Heritage and Space,” which lists, under the theme “Reconstruction: tones of an era,” 30 areas from the reconstruction period (1940-1965) of national importance. The objective of this appointment is to preserve the basic qualities of these areas for the future, however not making them into museum pieces which cannot be altered.

In order to preserve the characteristics of the neighborhood, one must first understand what it is which makes the neighborhood stand out from other post-war neighborhoods: in other words, what is the “Secret of Ommoord?” This research documents the current situation in Ommoord as observed by the researchers, broken down into the themes “Green Structure,” “Buildings,” and “Infrastructure.”


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