By, September 20, 2014

At the edge of the Hague lies a little valley, nestled in the dunes and hidden from the surrounding residential neighborhoods by a stand of trees. This area was the location for the first project for bachelor students. The program was to be a luxurious villa neighborhood, with a park and ten plots for detached single family homes with artist’s studio. The design for the neighborhood keeps privacy brought by the trees, and expands the water structure to form a small pond. The form and foliage use are inspired by geometry and alternating sight lines and protected areas, with a meandering path leading both to the private homes and to the surrounding residential areas.

The house itself is made up of three separate elements. The basis is a stepped brick masonry structure which houses the main functions of the house. On top of this is a light steel frame structure housing the bedrooms and ending in a cantilever at the back of the house, where the den is located. The South façade of the house is made up of a slanting glass pyramid-like surface, providing adequate daylight and assisting with passive heating in the winter. The glass structure also acts as a greenhouse allowing for four seasons herb garden/vegetable patch at the edge of the structure.

  • BK1000SH9-09-4-closeup

  • maquette

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